Jack is a fine art, studio, portrait and landscape photo manipulation artist. He has won over 50 international professional photography awards.

"I was born in 1980 in Northampton. My interest in photography and cinematography began with my fascination with cinema from an early age. Before I actually started in photography, I was an amateur filmmaker experimenting with Super 8 cameras, projectors and film whilst during my college years. After completing my MA in American Studies and Film in 2007, my passion for photography became revised, with a new acknowledgement of the digital photographic era.

I am now a fine art, studio, portrait and landscape photo manipulation artist. I have won international professional photography awards in categories including Conceptual, Portrait, Photo manipulation, Special Effects, Abstract and Digital Enhanced."

Jack is the proud recipient of over 100 of the World's most prestigious professional photography awards including the much converted Pangea Prize - 1st Place from Siena Photo Awards 2017, 1st Place -Outstanding Achievement Award from The Spider Awards 2017, 1st Place from The Chromatic Awards 2017, Gold from Tokyo Foto Awards in consecutive years 2018/2019, Silver from PX3 Price de la Photographie 2019, and Silver from Moscow Foto Awards 2020. To date Jack's works have been exhibited in Milan, Italy - Siena, Italy - Athens, Greece - Glasgow, UK - Brighton, UK - and Arles, France.


The Spider Awards 2020 - 1st in Professional Fine Art, 3rd in Professional Abstract - Photographer of the Year - 2nd Place

The Shatto Gallery International Photography Awards 2020 - Gold in Fine Art

Siena Creative Awards 2020 - Highly Commended in Conceptual category & Commended in Series category.

OneEyeland’s Top 10 Black & White Photographers 2020 - 1st in the UK, Silver in Professional Fine Ar

Moscow Foto Awards 2020 - Silver in Professional Fine Art Collage

Tokyo Foto Awards 2019 - Gold in Professional Fine Art/Special Effects

PX3 Prie De La Photographie 2019 - Silver in Professional Fine Art/Digitally Enhanced

One Eyeland’s Top BNW Photographers 2019 – Finalist in Professional Fine Art & Photomanipulation

Tokyo Foto Awards 2018 - Gold in Professional Fine Art/Special Effects

One Eyeland’s Top BNW Photographers 2018 - Gold in Professional Fine Art, Ranked 2nd for UK's Black and White Photographers.

Siena Photo Awards 2017 - 1st Place Pangea Prize Open Monochrome

Black & White Spider Awards 2017 - 1st Place Outstanding Achievement in Professional Fine Art.

Chromatic Awards 2017 - 1st Place Portrait

One Eyeland’s Top 10 Fine Art Photographers - Bronze in Professional Photomanipulation & Finalist in Photomanipulation.

One Eyeland’s Top 10 Landscape Photographers - Bronze in Professional Photo Composites, 

Professional Honorable Mentions in professional categories Abstract, Portrait, Conceptual, Fine Art, Special Effects, Digitally Enhanced, Digital Art at - PX3, IPA, TIFA, MIFA, IPOTY, Fine Art Photography Awards, Monochrome Awards, ND Awards, London Creative Competition, The Colour Awards, The Spider Awards, The European Federation of Professional Photographers, and Monovisions Photography Awards.


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The Shatto Gallery International Photography Awards Exhibition, Los Angeles USA (2021)

Fine Art Exhibition - Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece (2020)

International Photography Exhibition - The Glascow Gallery of Photograpy (2020)

Portraits Exhibition – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens Greece (2020)

Moments of Colour – Blank Wall Gallery, Athens Greece (2020)

Black History Month – The Zari Gallery, London UK (2020)

Sublimations Exhibition - Milan, Italy (2019)

Sublimations Exhibition - Gallerie Des Arene, Arles, France (2019)

Beyond The Lens Exhibition - Siena, Italy (2017)