The Silent Ultimatum

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A follow up to Jack Savages critically acclaimed series “Noirisms”. This series is again indebted to the ghosts of our shared cinematic past, and the cinema of Film Noir (1920-50). Monochromatic tones and shadows are prevalent – particularly within the protagonists themselves. A modern contemporary take on the traditional Noiristic elements of mystery, Femme Fatales, inescapable darkness, menace & murderous plotlines. These elements of the cinema of Film Noir make up an integral part of Jacks work, creating mystery and Ambiguous criminological plotlines/storytelling helping to fuel the viewer’s imagination here, representing the shadowy darkness within these noir fuelled portrait, landscape & street manipulations – a range of photographic styles all embedded with his signature “Noir” aesthetics. Jack wants his audience to piece together and dissect this cinema within his unconscious mind. Savage’s influences are markedly more cinematic than photographic. The directorial ghosts of Preminger, Hitchcock, Welles, Wilder, and Ford are often winked at and embellished upon within this series. He endeavours to create these manipulations with a distinctive traditionalist feel, harking back to this golden age of cinema within contemporary photographic fine art.